Company profile


was found in 1989 by Mr.Prinya Busarawuthanusorn with his long experience in the rubber business, Under his commitment and attempt to be a specialist in concentrated latex business, the company has developed continuously the production process and human resource with resolution to be one of the world's leading processors and exporters of natural rubber.

The factory was built on 80,000 square meters at Bangklum district, Songkhla  province in south of Thailand. Presently, our concentrated latex is produced by modern machinery and strictly quality control system and exported worldwide more than 20,000 metric  ton a year.

Our factory is located very close to Songkhla port (45 km.) and only 70 km. to Malaysian border, therefore it is convenient for us to ship cargo to your destinations and ensure punctual delivery.

With over twenty years of experiences in producing the concentrated latex and our highly skillful staffs, We can ensure that all of our latex has been carefully treated, examined and tested to meet the standard required before shipping to our customers.


1. We’re committed to delivering our customers, having regard to sustainable satisfaction.
2. We’re committed to caring pollution emission and saving environment.


1.We’re dedicated to all steps of processing to increase efficiency and effectiveness
   of product and work.
2.We’re dedicated to reducing all wastes from our production activities to save environment.